Southwest Hydrology is a free bimonthly trade magazine for hydrologists, water managers, and other professionals working with water issues throughout the Southwest. The semi-arid to arid climate presents unique water issues that are not frequently addressed in national publications.

Conversely, we, the professionals of this region, have developed innovative approaches, accumulated significant experience, and produced resounding successes (and some notable failures). Southwest Hydrology documents our progress and links the hydrologic communities of the Southwest, to the benefit of all.

The mission of Southwest Hydrology is to link water professionals and other interested parties throughout the semi-arid and arid regions of the world to foster communication, collaboration, and an improved understanding of hydrologic issues through the regular presentation of timely and relevant information and discussion of issues, research, and solutions in the field of hydrology.

Who Is Southwest Hydrology?

Southwest Hydrology was founded in 2001 by Betsy Woodhouse, Ph.D. and Howard Grahn. Their careers in hydrologic consulting, government, and academia, and attendance at meetings throughout the Southwest, have exposed them to a wide variety of interesting hydrological work that typically is communicated only to a local area or entity. Their goal in starting the magazine was to bring all these groups and regions together to the benefit of all. Published by the NSF Center for Sustainability of semi-Arid Hydrology and Riparian Areas (SAHRA) since 2003, Southwest Hydrology also furthers SAHRA’s mission of promoting sustainable management of water resources in semi-arid regions through stakeholder-relevant research and knowledge transfer. Perhaps most importantly, Southwest Hydrology is all of us, the water professionals of the Southwest, who contribute to the magazine and make it a success. Please join us!

Each issue of Southwest Hydrology contains news briefs covering regulatory issues, industry news, new and ongoing projects, applied research, new products and technologies, and the activities of hydrology-related societies and organizations. In addition, short articles cover current or recently completed projects, reviews of books and software, education opportunities, and international hydrology news.

Each issue of Southwest Hydrology features a focus topic that is explored in depth by authors representing a wide range of perspectives. For every focus topic, we present technical or theoretical background information, describe impacts and affected populations, and offer a variety of approaches to address the issue, including case histories of what has worked or not worked. Focus issues pull together experts with diverse views for a wide-ranging discussion of topics important to professionals and water users alike.

Scheduled Focus Topics include:

  • Nitrates in Groundwater (July/Aug 2009)
  • CO2 Sequestration (Sep/Oct 2009)
  • Water Conservation (Nov/Dec 2009)
  • Urban Watershed Management (Jan/Feb 2010)
  • Water for Renewable Energy (Mar/Apr 2010)
  • Emerging Measurement Technologies (May/June 2010)

Like any successful collaboration, Southwest Hydrology depends on participation. Please consider submitting your news, project update, company announcements, new technology or service announcement, or advertisements. Click here to view contribution information. Click here to view our sponsorship rates.


Publishing Southwest Hydrology furthers
SAHRA's mission of promoting sustainable
management of water in semi-arid regions.
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