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Southwest Hydrology is distributed to more than 6,600 hydrologists, water managers, lawyers, and other water-related and environmental professionals throughout the Southwest. It is the complete resource for hydrologic information in the arid to semi-arid Southwest. Southwest Hydrology provides an excellent opportunity to target the specific region and markets that are the focus of your business in Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, western Texas and central/southern California.

Editorial Calendar

July/Aug 2009: Nitrates (reserve space by
Apr. 22, 2009)

Sep/Oct 2009: CO2 Sequestration (reserve space by June 18, 2009)

Nov/Dec 2009: Water Conservation (reserve space by Aug. 21, 2009)

Jan/Feb 2010: Urban Watershed Management (reserve space by
Oct. 23, 2009)

Mar/Apr 2010: Water for Renewable Energy (reserve space by
Dec. 16, 2009)

May/June 2010: Emerging Measurement Technologies (reserve space by Feb. 18, 2010)

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